1920s Vs 1960s Essay

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Different Decades American has changed dramatically since the revolution. Every decade marks a different society represented by our growth as a society. Even though the 1920s was a great shift for socialist as well as the 1960s, both decades marked a new era of change. The lifestyle during the roaring 20s was a lot more conservative than the 60s, but also very liberal from the decade before. Dating became more common, but the divorce rates were still very rare. They married for love rather than being arranged. The 60s was a sexual revolution. Birth control became very popular as well as the talk of free love. Marriages were still traditional. Men were involved in the workforce and women maintained the house. Women's movements were very…show more content…
Al Capone is said to have been the greatest gangster of his time, the 1920s. Many were afraid of him, and therefore he was untouchable by the law enforcement. Ironically, many who knew him said he was a kind man. He was kind to those who didn't oppose him. His business was successful thanks to the prohibition. He was incredibly business smart and knew where and what could get him profit. During the 1960s, Malcolm X, was a infamous criminal as well. Even though he was fighting for totally different reasons from Al Capone, he was also very influential during this era. He believed in black supreme power. He didn't really become so powerful till a little after the 60s, but events in the 1960s pushed him to become a race supporter. He was completely for segregation, but with black being in supreme power. He completely supported violent self-defense. Both decades indeed brought many different ways of thinking to America. Both became an important age to very important events. They marked the era of different movements and different societies. The fashion trends changed dramatically as well as entertainment. Both eras had a very popular genre born. Jazz was grew in popularity in the 1920s, and rock and roll grew in the 1960's. There is no doubt that I find both eras very interesting. They are eras that most of us agree we would love to

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