Why Did The Nazis Gain So Much Support Between 1929-1933?

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Why did the Nazis gain so much support between 1929-1933? The Nazi party gained support in a number of ways during 1929 and 1933 from propaganda to killing off other big political leaders. The Nazis had every base covered in terms of votes they appealed to all (or tried to) the young, the upper, working and middle classes and women, Hitler appealed to women because in his speeches he emphasised the womens’ role in the house and how bringing up a child is helping Germany. He spoke for the unemployed saying that he would get hem out of any financial difficulties and fight unemployment. The working class who were mostly in farming communities to whom he promised financial support and incentives. The young fed up children who wanted relief from the household restraints Hitler gave the a club to join the ‘Hitler Youth Movement’ which gave them a sense of pride to belong to. On the other hand they didn’t appeal to the Jews or anybody who wanted them living, Hitler didn’t appeal to people who wanted short term peace he wanted to fight and to ‘pay back’ the people who blamed Germany. The Nazis were becoming a well known party in 1930, they had many seats in the 1932 elections. Although they didn’t have overall majority they were the biggest single party Germany had at the time. The German voters were clearly swept away by Hitler’s great speaking power and his all-embracing showmanship that his opponents lacked. The Nazis party had enrolled a highly professional man to make and produce all their propaganda in the early 1930’s his name was Dr.Joseph Goebbles who joined the Nazi party in 1924. Joseph was a keen follower and his malicious anti-Semitism was well known, which was perfect for the type of propaganda Hitler wanted which made Germany look great and wealthy and only Hitler himself could achieve this. The economic causes were world wide and affected most of
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