Casablanca Forever Essay

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Casablanca forever Many times when we say or think of any word, automatically we relate to an image. Casablanca, for example, principally is associated with the place where U.S. presidents live. However, others like me think it is a great classic movie that was made during the Second World War in 1942. Casablanca is a black and white film that along the years has won the taste of the public. This has been made possible thanks to good music, excellent actors and an unpredictable story. While watching the movie Casablanca, I really enjoyed the different types of music. The music was nice because it shows all kinds of languages and sounds. For example, in one of the flashback scenes in Paris, Rick and Ilsa dance to Rhythm of Perfidia by the Mexican composer Alberto Domínguez. Also another scene from the movie, which was characterized by music and that definitely impressed me, was when Laszlo begins singing followed by many people, La Marsellesa, the French national anthem, even before the occupation of the country. This singing was significant at Rick’s Café Américain because it was louder than the Germans, who were singing Die Wacht am Rhein, which was considered a patriotic anthem during Nazi Germany. Undoubtedly music represents much more than a sound. The song As Time Goes By witnessed the love between Rick and Ilsa. For them this song always brings fond memories and we can see it, when Ilsa is sitting adjacent to Sam’s piano quietly enjoying this song. Casablanca is not only admired for its music, but also for excellent actors, who transmit their characters’ situations very well. I love the acting of Rick because at all times he shows an incredible personality. He’s intimidating, but also respectable. However, this also shows as he faces his loneliness when smoking a cigarette, plays a game of chess unopposed and is always taking sips from his glass of wine.
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