Significant events form 1950-1990

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Throughout history there have been numerous events that have led to how we Americans live our lives today. This paper will cover one event from each decade starting with the 1950s and ending with the 1990s. These events have been thought to have had an overriding influence on the United States culture, economy, and the government policy. Each event in each decade will answer questions such as how the event fits in relationship to the time leading up to the certain event, who or what group of people caused the event to happen, who was most affected by the event, and if the event accomplished goals that the event was set forth to do. 1950s- Baby Boom Generation Therefore, one of the most significant events that took place in the 1950s would be the baby boom. This event was a culmination of similar factors that came together. Due to the great depression many people could not afford to have children because there would be no means for supporting a family. Once the great depression ended many people began to make up for lost time. The standards of living decreased due to an increase in birthrates, making it easier for couples to support their families. Americans were greatly affected by the baby boom. With the large increase in families there came a large demand for housing. The GI bill helped provide families with more income so that they could afford to move into a home of their own rather than living with other family members (Axia College, 2008). With more babies, came the need for more schools. The schools were built on farm and ranch land. Shortly after, most farm land and ranch land had been taken over by homes so the demand for town centers, jobs, and city amenities. Eventually, many isolated suburban tracts, numbering in thousands of homes, did become legal communities, albeit on a different model from traditional communities with a core
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