The Glass Castle

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Reflection Essay The book The Glass Castle written by Jeanette Walls in 2005, portrays her dysfunctional family and her difficulties growing up. As a child Jeanette’s family is constantly moving from place to place and is struggling to make enough money to simply eat and live in a decent house. Jeanette’s father, Rex Walls, makes it quite difficult to live as a well-financed family because of the money he spent to fund his persistent drinking. In one scene of The Glass Castle, Lori, Jeanette’s older sister, Brian and Jeanette are at home and they are sitting around in their house with no food and no money to buy food. The excerpt “‘Dad needs to start carrying his weight.” Lori said as she stared into the empty refrigerator. “He spends more money than he earns on booze.” Brian said.” (78) is relevant to the book itself, on society today, and in my own personal life. The passage in which Lori and Brian project their thoughts of their father’s alcoholism is brought on by the continuous let downs by Rex. Rex Walls frequently comes up with new ideas to strike it rich by finding gold, but never produces any progress, therefore resulting in empty promises. While Rex could be out working at a job that has a steady pay, he goes out and gets money in other ways such as gambling. When Rex makes money, he usually goes to a local bar and spends all his money on alcohol, leaving Jeanette, Lori, and Brian scavenging for food. The abuse of alcohol by Rex Walls in The Glass Castle affects the lives of the his children in many ways. From the beginning of the book Rex is under the influence of alcohol the majority of the time. Although his drinking is not too concerning in the beginning of the story, it increased drastically as his children got older. Rex rarely works a “nine to five” type of job, but instead finds other ways to get money, and when he does have money he spends it
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