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Kaci Godwin Mrs. M. Hogue Advanced English 11 19 April 2012 Literary Analysis of A Raisin in the Sun A Raisin in the Sun, written by Lorraine Hansberry, is a play about a poor African American family during the 1950s. This family, The Youngers, is determined to fulfill their dreams, fight racial discrimination, and discover the importance of family. Three dynamic characters in this play are Walter, Mama, and Beneatha. They each learn important lessons throughout the play. One dynamic character is Walter Lee Younger. Walter is thirty-five years old and is a chauffer. He is an ambitious man. Walter, sometimes called Brother, is shackled by poverty and racial prejudice. His dream in life is to become a wealthy business man. He thinks that this would solve all his and his family’s economic and social problems. He lives with his mother, sister, wife, and son. Walter wants to become the head of the family, but no one thinks he is worthy to be it. His plan to become successful is to open up a liquor shop with his two friends, but he does not have the money he needs. This is why he wants the $10,000 from his deceased father’s insurance check. He asks to borrow some from his mother and at first…show more content…
She is the mother of Walter and Beneatha. Mama is a woman of faith and relies on faith a lot in the play. She does not have much material wealth, but you would never know it by the way she carries herself. Mama’s children are her life. She would do anything for them. Her dream is to have her own house for her and her family. She wants to make her family’s living conditions better. Her husband, Big Walter, passed away and left behind a $10,000 insurance check that the family has been waiting on for weeks. Mama has to decide how to use the money in a way that would benefit the whole family. Mama learns that sometimes you have to put your trust in others and pray they make the right

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