The Forgotten Holocaust

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The Forgotten Holocaust The video shockingly depicts the sufferings and despair of the Gipsy people during World War II. The mere title implies that this discrimination was completely disregarded. Many people, even nowadays, are still not aware of the horrors of the Roma population. Moreover, many scholars also consider the Holocaust as explicitly Jewish, and tend to overlook other victims that had equal part in this persecution. It seems that the Roma people have always been looked down upon. However, in the 20s of the past century 1920s the legal repression of Romanies in Germany strengthened and ‘The Gypsy Question’ arose. These people were considered as filthy criminals bad by birth. In World War II, Hitler and the Nazi army found a solution to the ‘problem’ of the Romanies. As Chancellor, he could make the laws as he pleased. This also meant the suppression of all the non-Aryans, that is to say, non-Germans. Roma and Jews were officially categorized as lower-class citizens. They were hated, discriminated, and considered degenerate and unworthy outcasts. Gypsies in Poland were the first to suffer. Soon the annihilation spread. The Gestapo haunted them down like animals, they wanted to eliminate the Gypsies. Most of the captives were taken to Auschwitz, Birkenau to be more precise. Many Roma didn’t even made it to the camps. They were shot on the way. In this horrid place of Birkenau Dr. Mengele and other assistants led medical experimentations and sterilizations. The Nazis wanted the free workforce of the living but were resolute to put a stop to their reproduction. These tortured people lived in constant fear. They wanted to die. Only in death they saw the escape from the pain and misery that a new day signified. After the liberation, the majority of Europe’s Gypsies died or were dying. Even in the present, after all the knowledge from the past, people
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