Auschwitz Concentration Camp

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During World War II, many concentration camps were established and being used in several areas. An immense amount of citizens were murdered (Merriam) and put to work in these camps. The people in these camps were not free. They were worked to death by the Nazis. The Germans had no tolerance for any of them and stripped them of their belongings and put them to work immediately. There were many camps at this time, but one of the largest and most famous camps was Auschwitz. (Wood) The camps had one main focus, to kill the Jews. The Nazis chose genocide as the answer to the “Jewish question.” The largest Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz, was a labor camp where the Nazis put the prisoners to work until their death. The Nazis used Auschwitz as a killing center…show more content…
Prisoners died from starvation, disease, and harsh treatment. The ones who miraculously lived were ecstatic that they still had a chance at life after being put through so much. The survivors were shocked and overjoyed when they were saved. Many were ill or injured from the conditions of Auschwitz. They were alone and did not know if they still had families. The ones who made it out alive had nothing left. They were devastated to find out they had no family alive. The great loss of families had a great affect on everyone. (Auschwitz) (Skog) In conclusion, these camps, much like Auschwitz, were set up to end the lives of the Jewish people. The location of the camps were precisely chosen and hidden. Genocide was the Nazis killing method of choice for the prisoners. The survivors couldn’t explain how fortunate (Merriam) they were to be free and out of Nazi control. In Auschwitz, a large number of prisoners were killed and worked to death. Auschwitz was one of the largest and most know concentration camps especially because of the tremendous (Merriam) amount of people whose lives were taken. (Skog)

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