The Fear Of Death

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The Fear of Death Death is the termination of one’s life, and everyone has to confront it. We cannot do anything to avoid death. Many people are afraid of dying. The fear of death can prevent people from being able to enjoy their life. If one fears death excessively, it can cause unnecessary worry and anxiety and can stop the sufferer from being able to live life to the fullest. In the novel White Noise by Don DeLillo, Jack Gladney, the narrator is the chairman of the department of Hitler studies in a North American college. In the novel, Jack and his family live a normal family life until a black cloud of lethal gaseous fumes produced by a factory which threatens their lives and the people of the town. After being exposed to this toxic event, Gladney comes face to face with his own death. Through the use of characterization of Jack Gladney, DeLillo expresses the theme that death lurks everywhere and shows the readers how much people fear death. In the novel, Don DeLillo discusses that the character Jack Gladney likes to make himself look weighty to show his authority. In Jack Gladney’s life, the fear of death is a force that drives Jack to suffer with worries and anxiety from his daily life. Jack often worries that his importance as a person in society will be found lacking and unsignificant. Therefore, he likes to surround himself with things that make him look weighty. “Department heads wear academic robes at the College-on-the-Hill. Not grand sweeping full-length affairs but sleeveless tunics puckered at the shoulders. I like the idea” (9) and “The glasses with thick black heavy frames and dark lenses were my own idea” (17). Jack likes to wear robes and dark glasses while he is on campus. He also changes his initial and calls himself J.A.K. Gladney. In order to gain weight and create a sense of authority, he intentionally decorates his own appearance. He
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