Unit 4223-007 the Principles of Infection Prevention and Control

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007-3.2 Explain the potential impact of an out break of infection on the individual and the organisation. Impact on the organisation: There would be potentially huge cost implications on an organisation with regards to staff sickness levels rising, causing the need to employ more staff which they will be paying to cover in addition to staff that are off sick ,and patients needing hospitalisation. Patients may require to have longer stays in hospital causing a shortage of beds for other patients. Hospitals, units and wards could all face closure short term or long term. The organisation could also be fined by not complying with the law which would have a negative effect with exposure in the media. Organisations would have a reduction in patient and public confidence and so their reputation would be affected and patients would choose to have their care else where. Members of staff would also have a decrease in confidence with the organisation and their stress levels will increase. On the individual: This could cause further complications to their primary condition increasing their recovery time and possibly giving them a lengthy stay in a hospital setting. Patients may be forced to stay off work which will lead to a loss of earnings putting more stress on the individual and their families, possibly leaving a patient needing treatment for depression. Also the patient would have the stress and worry of passing on the infection to loved ones. All of these will lead to a loss of trust in in the organisation. Worse case death could occur. 007-4.1 Define the term risk. The term risk means the likelihood of a hazard or an activity causing harm. 007-4.2 Outline the potential risk of infection in the work place. The supporting of individuals with personal care activities and sharing facilities with others involve coming into contact with

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