As The Birds Bring Forth The Sun By Alistair Macleod Analysis

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The Unstoppable Fear The power of fear is known to have no bounds. Every person fears of their own demise, and it is this same fear that is capable of influencing a person’s decisions to extreme extents. In the short story, “As the birds bring forth the sun” by Alistair MacLeod the members of the family are greatly influenced by the myth that is being passed along for years. The myth evokes fear throughout the generations of the family which in turn leads them into losing their willpower to live. The family members’ belief in the myth strengthens in the wake of fearing their death. After the death of the man, the story behind the dog’s existence takes a new turn. In the process of trying to answer the unanswered questions, people “...felt she (the dog) might have been part of a...evil…show more content…
The reason for their illogical thinking occurs due to the fear instilled on them by the brutal death of the man. Moreover, as the myth is being passed along, it creates a frightening situation for the coming generations of the family. The descendants of the man, “moved like careful haemophiliacs, fearing they carried unwanted possibilities deep within them” (228). The descendants believe the myth so strongly that they convince themselves into thinking they have a disorder within them. They are so sceptical because they are afraid of death. Furthermore, the myth has such an impact on them that they take each and every step cautiously in order to avoid any possibilities that would hint their death. When the author’s brother comes

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