The Effects of Mass Media in Yemen Essay

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Amer Alyemany 8/10/2012 Introduction To Social Studies Mr. Taj The Effects of Mass Media In Yemen For many years mass media has been used as a information distributor to mass audiences with a specific message or objective set in place. However for this paper I will be discussing the role mass media plays in enlightening and shaping/carving of peoples thoughts and opinions, and how this is used by many countries to help immigrants and foreigners adapt and become accustomed to specific behavioral and social norms, specifically I’ll be focusing on how mass media is used in my country (Yemen), to help enlighten foreigners about Yemeni social norms. Yemen’s geographic location puts it in a spot where many people of foreign backgrounds would come to visit or even settle down in the country each with their own differing reasons. Most visitors in the country come from neighboring countries like Somalia and Ethiopia. Mass Media, especially this past decade has played a pivotal role in the integration of stationed immigrants within the country, and better assimilating them into Yemeni culture. Yemen has a weak economy with the unemployment rate at just a little over 18%, as such immigration to the country isn’t that high, immigrants who come to the country usually share many close historic and religious ties with Yemeni’s and easily adapt to the Yemeni way of living. Seeing immigrants with huge cultural differences than Yemenis residing in the country is very rare, although many tourists do visit the country, it is only for a small period of time and their contact with mass media is limited. To get a better picture of how mass media is in Yemen, and its effects on foreigners we would have to go back and give a brief historic explanation on mass media in the country. Yemen over the years has seen slow but steady economic growth, however overall
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