Social And Social Impacts Of The Palm Jumirai

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Social and Economic Impacts of the Palm In 2006 the building of the Palm Jumeirah, the first in the Palm Trilogy of man made Islands, was completed in Dubai, which is in the north east of the United Arab Emirates. Before the Palm Jumeirah was built, Dubai had a major beach shortage so a company called Nakheel came up with the idea to build a very large man-made Island in the shape of a Palm Tree to provide plentiful new coastline for the city. The Palm Jumirah has had a number of both positive and negative social, environmental and social impacts for Dubai. A big social impact of the Palm is the positive influence it has had on employment in Dubai. The construction of the Island alone created many jobs for people, especially the lower…show more content…
When an outsider comes into a place they do not usually understand how insiders operate, but in Dubai’s case the effects have shown that instead of the immigrants adjusting to the local’s culture and way of like, they are introducing their own. An example of this is the language. Fifty years ago 80% of the residents spoke Arabic now in 2008 fewer than 30% speak the language. This culture separation may cause disharmony amongst the residence and result in a violent segregated society. On top of all this there is the problem of providing housing for all of the migrant…show more content…
A drawback to the ‘unique’ design of the island could mean that beaches could have cloudy water due to insufficient water movement around the islands, as well as dredging of sea beds. This could turn people off living on the Palm and settle in a more natural beach place where the sea is clean. The concept of coral reefs being destroyed in order to build the island would also not be a fact seen in advertisement brochures. The overall biggest risk with building the Palm would be the Global Warming and rising sea levels which could drown the island. Nakheel has gone to some efforts to prevent this from occurring by building breakwaters but they would be no match for a vicious tsunami. Unlike other problems, there would be no solution to the destruction of the island and individuals and the government would suffer

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