Immigration: Illegal Immigration In The United States

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This year during the presidential elections many topics are being debated by the candidates. One of the main heated debate topics this year is over immigration. Immigration laws have been placed in some states because of the rise in illegal immigration. This is happening because of the growing concern of the American citizen. Many Americans have very passionate feelings about their views on immigration but what many American people do not realize about immigration is that even though immigration is linked to inflation, it is not truly needed to support our expensive economy. The Federation in American Immigration Reform organization has shown that immigrants can add billions of dollars annually to the United States’ economy and have little…show more content…
These immigrants have many useful skills that employers are glad to have. They work as carpenters building houses, farmers working in rural communities, cattle butchers, and seamstresses making clothing, gardeners or landscapers, house maids, cooks or doing the dishes in restaurants (Seattle, 2006). The Seattle Times has shown that these low wage immigrant workers have little impact on prices of American goods and the wages of the American worker. For example, a recent study revealed that a 10 percent increase in low skilled immigrant workers only lowered the price between 1.3 and 0.2 percent on American goods (Seattle 2006). The price only lowered a little, but not enough for citizens to notice the price difference. There are some things citizens might notice a price change from immigration. People who eat out or stay in hotels often benefit more from the immigrant discount than those who do not eat out or stay in hotels (Seattle 2006). The reason people benefit from this is because of the low wages hotels and restraunt pay immigrants. Most immigrants work at low skilled jobs, dropping national wage paid out to workers a considerable amount (Seattle 2006). Because of the low skilled immigrant pay, the wages of college graduates increased by 79%, and high school graduates and those with some college education was increased by an average of 59% (Seattle 2006). A huge surprise is that with the…show more content…
With the presidential elections rapidly approaching immigration has become a hot topic for all candidates involved and the American population is becoming more informed on the topic. With all this information becoming readily available to the public it is easy to see why one might be swayed towards immigration but one must not forget to look at the big picture of immigration and the truth of the matter is that immigration is linked to inflation, but it does not help support our economy, because the American citizens must pay for the poor people of our country. References Immigration Issues. (2007). Welfare and healthcare, Licenses for immigrants in the U.S.. The New York Times Company: Author: Capitol Hill Blue. (Feb. 21, 2008). Linking Immigration and Inflation. March 12, 2008, Desilver, D., (2006, September 19). Low-paid illegal work force has little impact on prices. The Seattle Times, pp. 1, 2, 3 FAIR. (October, 2002). Immigration and the Economy. March 12, 2008,

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