The Effect of Leadership in a Group

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Strong leadership in a team or group is essential for not only completion of a project, but also to have the project to be successful. Leadership can, not only make or break a team it can also effect the business as a whole. Good, no wait, Great Leadership is vital in all business facets. When we are placed in teams or groups in a business, most of the time there is that one person that leads the project and/or team. This leader can be a motivator and organizer, a doer, a director, analyzer, people pleaser or performer. Ending up in a team with good dynamics and an experienced qualified leader is more than likely going to give you great results. What about those times when you have people that are placed on the team that don’t have a clue how to communicate or know anything about the project. How about the people that like to take control and there is more than one or two of them in the group, that also have different ideas. A strong leader can help facilitate and get everyone moving forward while using everyone’s talents. Let’s talk about different dynamics in a team and how leadership can affect the outcomes. Being placed on a team for a project that you are passionate about can be very rewarding, but what if the other members have a different view or opinion on the end results? How can the leadership make or break this team and project? Easy answer, a good leader can guide the team to finish with productive and healthy discussions to come up with the best solutions. The leader can help the individuals on the team understand what is needed for the project and use their strengths in the key areas to accomplish the finish product. Keeping the team organized and on task is another very important detail; the leader can either do this or appoint someone on the team who maybe better at time management and/or organization skills. Listening to the team as a
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