The Dalai Lama's 'Ethics And The New Genetics'

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Edmarly Pierre Ms. Dutton, ENC 1102 Final Draft Four March 20, 2012 Technology Needs Limitations The DNA is an amazing and unique aspect of the human body’s make-up. Because our features and characteristics are randomly chosen for us by fate, it is an exciting process to be expecting a child. It is an even more marvelous experience knowing once it is born, he or she will be special and unique in every way, and because it is your child, you will love it no matter how it looks. But, unfortunately, technology has made so many discoveries that we now have the knowledge to use cloning to modify the DNA of human and also adjust the appearance of unborn babies. The natural creation and development of a child demonstrates the powerful capability…show more content…
But when we start to dabble in the process of human creation, that is the point where it becomes wrong; that is when we need stop to think if we are doing is ethical or wise. The Dalai Lama shows his disapproval of cloning in his book, “Ethics and the New Genetics” as he points out the unethical facts of cloning. Not only is cloning morally wrong, but it would also lead to the segregation of people. Kwame Anthony Appiah, author of “Making Conversation and the Primacy of Practice” argues that people are already divided because of othering, and that it is a problem. Cloning is unethical and would not only result in the loss of individuality, but also allow discrimination to a whole new level; we must not use technological advances to change ourselves, but rather…show more content…
Cloning seems like such an amazing thing to discover; the power over DNA manipulation might have baffled us and gotten us excited, but it is not something that is ethical. If the ability to modify the DNA of human beings is allowed to be practiced, there will be no end to what unnatural thing we will do. The technological advances that have been made in health have benefited us immensely but neither therapeutic nor reproductive cloning are wise uses of our new found knowledge. There is no doubt that with this technology, we will soon want to design our unborn children. When this becomes possible, it will not only change the process of child conception into a manufacturing process but also segregate the designer children and the naturally conceived children into two separate social classes that will eventually segregate the

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