Is Medical Experimentation Ethical

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Is Medical Experimentation Ethical Abstract In this discussion we will focus on how we can make the ethically correct decision when it comes down to experimentation on human beings. We will look into the history of the experimentation process and find some of the determining factors that took place. We will also look into Dr. Mengeles first experimentations and try a make a decision on whether or not what he had done in Nazi Germany was ethically correct or not. Science as we no it today has advanced at a fast pace in the last century due to the beginning of human experimentation. When you sit back and think of the process and some of the issues that arise from human experimentation, you begin to realize how many ethical issues we must have considered to come to conclusions to have deemed it right to begin experimentation on humans. Why did we decide it was important to begin studying eugenics? Why have we come to a conclusion that by experimenting on a few we could benefit many? We begin our discussion by learning what Eugenics is and focusing on its importance. Eugenics by definition is the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding or changing of genetics to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable outcomes. When we focus on perfecting and manipulation of the human genomes we can possibly make the perfect human, but even if we did, would it be an ethically correct thing to do. In today’s society this is possible with advancements in science but we do not do so because of the many dilemmas creating the perfect human would create. Imagine making every person who will be born in the future and making it so that they will all have blonde hair and blue eyes. You would face the issue of why is that considered the perfect genome and not brown hair with green eyes. This is essentially what Nazi Germany was trying to create, a super

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