The Cultural Nexus of Aka Father-Infant Bonding

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The Cultural Nexus of Aka Father-Infant Bonding Brettell, Caroline, and Sargent, Carolyn 2005 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective: The Cultural Nexus of Aka Father-Infant Bonding Pp. 37-48. New jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. Intro: · I chose the work that i am reviewing because i wanted to know more about the relationships between father and baby · The connections between father and baby of the Aka's · The goals of this work is to see the differernce between the Aks'a and other cultures pertaining to father/infant bonding · The different roles in bonding with infants between the Aka males and females · In comparission to the Aka, the roles of american fathers and infants Father Infant Bonding: · Physological suddies showed that infants are attached to their mother just as much as thier fathers at 8-10 months old · American fathers use vigerous play with thier infants · Barry (2005:38) Infant bonding with the mother is because of intensity and frequency · Barry (2005:38) Infant bonding with the father is because of highly stimulating interaction The Aka: · They live in camps of twenty five to thirty five people · They move camp every two weeks to two months · Each nuclear family has a hut and each camp has five to eight huts arranged in a circle · Everyone in the family sleeps together on one bed · HIgh fertility and mortality rates · Woman have five to six children · Aka homes represent the public and the outside of the home is private · Net hunting is the main tehnique, woman kill the game everyone participates men woman and children · Barry (2005:39) suggest that the Aka use three ways to promote egailitarianism; prestige aviodance, rough joking and demand sharing · Aka aviod drawing any attention to themselves · Gender egailitarianism and the Aka is very important
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