The Crucible Abigail Character Analysis

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How does miller present Abigail as a powerful character in The Crucible? Abigail first shows her power when she is heavily questioned about what was going on in the woods. Abigail starts answering the questions that she is given but soon realises that she will be court and get into trouble. So she uses her power to shift the attention to someone and make people forget about her. Miller presents this when Abigail is asked about the devil and she responds by saying, “I never called him! Tituba, Tituba…” By Abigail saying this she has brought Tituba into this conversation and now she has become to focus of attention. People are forced by Abigail to question Tituba about what has happened in the woods as they are fooled to believe she has all…show more content…
A quote that suggests this is, “Abby, you mustn’t!” Here all of the girls are following Abigail by copying everything Marry Warren is saying. Marry Warren directly asks Abigail to stop not the other girls. This represents that she is the leader and that Marry Warren knows that everyone is copying her because Abigail is doing it. Showing the power and status she has in this group. Also it shows that the other girls as well as Marry Warren are scared of Abigail as they know that she is able to put the blame on anybody. Miller uses the power of fear to present Abigail as a powerful character as she uses it to control the other girls as they are frightened of her as she can get them killed. Miller uses the scene of the court room to emphasise this fear. The court room is a very powerful place and it is where people are judged to see if they are innocent or not. If they were innocent they would live and if they were found to be guilty they would be killed. This crates fear as if people were found to be guilty there was nothing you could do and you will be killed. This fear in the court emphasises the fear that Abigail is giving to the girls as what Abigail is doing can also make people die. Presenting Abigail as a powerful

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