Salem Witch Trials and Mccarthyism

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Comparison of Salem witch trials and McCarthyism We live in a world of fear. “Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe”, (Proverbs 29:25). Fear is everywhere and it will never go away. During the 1950s, there was a large spread of fear of communism, also known as the Red Scare, in the United States. American citizens were afraid to talk amongst each other because they feared that the person they were talking to could have been a spy from another country. There was a similar occasion that occurred earlier in the 1680s. The Salem witch trial proved to be another era of uncertainty in American history. An analysis of the Salem witch trial and McCarthyism reveals that regardless of which era people live in ignorance brings forth disaster. In today’s time period we try not to look back on the Salem witch trials. We want to believe that we would not behave the way people did back then but in this time period we have more resources to look back on than they did. The Crucible shows us that one girl can corrupt the whole town against each other with lies after lies. Those lies create fear to the town’s people. The fear generates distrust among one another and causes false accusation. These accusations are mainly towards women. When a woman does something out of the ordinary or when something happen because of natural causes she is automatically accused of witchcraft, for example when Mrs. Putnam accuses Rebecca Nurse for the death of her babies. Town’s people usually see those things as a threat to them and the only way to get rid of these women who show any kind of witchcraft is to exterminate by hanging them. As we look back on time we see that communism was a big threat to us after World War II. Americans feared communist spies like Alger Hiss and The Rosenbergs. They looked and acted like real American citizens but when

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