Examples Of Closed-Mindedness In The Crucible

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In act II of The Crucible, Arthur Miller features two characters who stood out as very closed-minded. Reverend Hale and Mary Warren provide evidence of closed-mindedness because they reject the truth before them. Reverend Hale shows his closed-mindedness when John Proctor cannot recite the Ten Commandments. Mary Warren's closed-mindedness proves when Abigail Williams gets stabbed and Cheevek found a poppet in John Proctor's house. Reverend Hale's closed mind prevented him from seeing the true John Proctor Hale arrives at Proctor's house to warn him that Elizabeth has been accused of witchcraft. Despite their reputation as model citizens, Hale jumps a to any opportunity to label them as evil. Elizabeth does not give him what he wants to hear, so he turns his attention to…show more content…
In an effort to clarify his beliefs, Hale asks John to recite all Ten Commandments. However he paused after completing just nine. Elizabeth came to his rescue by reciting the final Commandment. This made Hale even more suspicious. After Proctor assures Hale that he and Elizabeth know all Ten Commandments, Hale firmly replies to Proctor, “Theology, sir, is a fortress; no crack in a fortress may be accounted small” (1278). Hale means no matter how small the “crack” may seem, in this case, forgetting the tenth Commandment, they cannot point to their religious beliefs in support of their innocence. Everyone in Salem has to memorize each and every Commandment without exceptions. Even the smallest detail will matter when discussing theology. Each “crack” counts because it can expand, leading people to doubt their Christian faith. Rebecca Nurse's good standing in the community did not prevent Hale from wrongly judging her as well. When Rebecca tries to convince Hale that not everyone can practice witchcraft, Hale responds, “Nurse, though our hearts break we cannot flinch; these are new times […] the Devil is alive in Salem and we dare not quail to follow wherever the accusing
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