Puritan Beliefs In The Crucible '

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Puritan Beliefs Puritans were somewhat harsh but dedicated to serve their Lord. Their belief in God was very strong. Any sign of the devil and there was gossip all over town. Puritans used writing to explore their inner and outer lives for signs of the workings of God. As in Huswifery, a writing about Anne’s house burning down. Anne was very sad when all of her memories parished in the fire. She soon accepted what happened for it was up to God the true owner who gave and took. Diaries and histories were the most common forms of expression in Puritan society; in them writers described the workings of God. In a story called Of…show more content…
As in Sinners the author uses strong metaphors describing hell and its eternal misery. Puritans believed in obeying the law of God. Any sign of the devil and they would judge you and betray you. As in the Crucible , a lady got angry with a man’s goat and cursed everyone to hell. They then took her to court. The least thing they fear doing is breaking one of the ten commandments. If you did not know the ten commandments people thought you were being taken over by the devil. They were very passionate about their religion. If I were to live in the Puritan times I would be living in a peaceful area with my family I would still worship God in my house but will be no part of any drama. Puritans were bad when it came down to rumors. They would have the whole village talking non-sense, thinking you were a witch flying through the air. Another example from the Crucible that shows their
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