John Proctor In The Crucible

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Rough Draft “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Berke said. In this story the crucible by Arthur Miller. There is a small town in Salem where an outbreak of witch trails has happened. The people are being accused by a group of teenage girls. Many people are hanged for crime of witch craft…many for their land. The trials kill many innocent people like John Proctor and many others. At the beginning of the play John Proctor is deceitful. As the play unfolds he changes and becomes a loyal man. By the end of the play Proctor becomes a respectful man. Proctor is hiding a secret sin from his past and feels guilty about it. When he talks too his wife and mentions…show more content…
Also when Proctor talks to Abigal alone and tells her that they will no longer have an affair. “I still wait for you to come back John...(Abigal)…”those days are long over and will never happen again(Proctor)” (miller 192). In the first Act John Proctor has a very troubled past and is feels very guilty for it and these quotes show it. In Act Tree proctor starts to change into a more protective husband. Proctors wife has been convicted of being a witch by Abigal and the towns men are about to take her away and Proctor stands in front of them and says ,“Youl’ll leave her out of sight and out of mind mister!”(202) Also when he is in the court house trying to save his wife and admits to having an affair with Abigal ruining hiss own name to save his wife. “I have known her sir!...God help me I lusted” (miller 221). Proctor throws his reputation away to save his wife. In Act five John Proctor threw everything that’s happened becomes a noble man. When he’s talking to his wife and makes the decision for himself “John Proctor: what should I do woman!”... “I’m sorry John it is not my decision John” (Miller 239). The climax of the play is when John Proctor makes the noble decision to rip up the paper that would
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