The Compelling Struggle Within America: Being Accepted

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In the novel "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" by Mohsin Hamid there are a variety of significant situations that arise as the plot of the story develops. The protagonist, Changez, is depicted as a man who lusts to acquire a "stable core" within the ever so changing society of America. Compelling scenarios throughout the storyline such as Changez's relationship with Erica and also his desire to adapt as an American citizen have been crucial aspects of this piece of literature. From start to finish, this novel has depicted the relationship between Changez and Erica as a vital component of this book. One could say, that Erica was a symbolic figure within the storyline representing "the American dream" that Changez was pursuing. At first, love between both Erica and Changez was off to a rather pleasant start. As the novel progresses, events such as the falling of the twin towers takes a massive hit towards both Changez's relationship with Erica and also his status quo as a citizen of America. I personally think, that both of these concepts intertwine with one another. Months after the attacks upon America, the effects on Erica were starting to be developed such that "she was struggling against a current that brought her inside herself." These attacks, were crucial towards Changez and his ability to interrelate with fellow Americans such as Erica. As time passes, Erica seems to create a barrier between herself and Changez. Equally, there is a separation being constructed between Changez and American society. This leads to Changez's struggle in securing a position within the nation of America. At first, operations within American seemed to be going well as if Changez "was immediately a New Yorker." Things soon changed after the mass patriotism that was brought out among American citizens soon after the attacks. It was as if Changez was now a liability to the safety of
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