Outlaw - Jose Vargas Life as an Undocumented Individual

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Martha C. Murcia Professor Lee English 1301- (Online - 8 weeks) 06 October 2014 A Silenced Leader in America Hard work, Dedication and Honesty should influence government to provide legalization. In the essay “OUTLAW: My Life in America as an Undocumented Immigrant”, the author Jose Antonio Vargas reveals his real life story to the world. Vargas shares his personal life experience living as an “undocumented immigrant” in the United States. His brave integrity has now defined him as an “other” rather than an, American in this country. As shown above Vargas had a huge task to tackle. Under those circumstances, he worked towards pursuing his career hoping this would have a positive influence in his legalization status. It is evident that in America, many illegal immigrants may become valuable members of today's society as professional entrepreneurs, artists, writers and politicians, making great contributions to the countries success, though this make it difficult to evaluate the long term societal effects of illegal immigration. Jose Antonio Vargas projects to be one living the "American Life” under his illegal status. The fact was Vargas was as an "undocumented immigrant" living in the United States but his optimistic attitude led him to see his difficult situation as an opportunity. His motivation led him to not give up on himself and work hard to eventually obtain what he wanted. As soon as Vargas was 16 years old he went to his local D.M.V office to obtain his driver’s license. The fact was Vargas was unable to obtain his license due to his illegal status; this was new information to Vargas as he was not aware. He obviously did not back away and became a negative person instead he saw his negative situation as an open door of opportunity for him. Vargas stated, “I decided then that I could never give anyone reason to doubt I was an American”. “I convinced

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