"A People's History of the United States" Ch. 22 Reflection

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A People’s History of the United States: Reflection Chapter 22 The Unreported Resistance This chapter gives details on the years of the presidencies of Carter, Reagan, and Bush. In particular, it gives examples of political action followed by public revolt, which then sets in motion more political action. Specific movements and acts of resistance are noted, such as the movement against nuclear arms, which escalated to involve several thousands of peace groups and which prompted national response. In the decade after 1980, a national movement against nuclear weapons developed, “from a small number of men and women willing to go to jail to make others stop and think to millions of Americans frightened at the thought of nuclear holocaust, indignant at the billions of dollars spent on weaponry while people were in need of life’s necessities,” (Zinn 602). And this movement was not the only one. People’s response to national speeches and meetings was often holding their own resistance. It is clear that during this period in history, a majority of Americans were not satisfied by the care given to them and a revival of the 60s era gave energy to new causes. My reaction to this chapter is one of surprise. Here was a time not too long ago that seemed to emulate the 60s in the fervor and dissent it extended to political affairs. I could have honestly never fathomed the amount of resistance that surrounded this time. It makes me reflect on how times got to be so resigned. This changed my thinking in that now I shall look upon the years before my birth as not the relatively boring times I had thought they were, and instead see it in a more mature light. I can see that Americans were again beginning to rise up and join together, just as they had long ago. It is a comfort I suppose that the American spirit will always come back, and manifest in those select few who dare

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