The Cinder Maid Essay

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Analyze the fairy tale below. Your essay must be between 600 and 1000 words. In your analysis you may use one of the analysis models from the text “Reading and Analysing Fairy Tales” that we have used in class.” You might focus on: * Language. * Roles of the different characters in the story. * classical fairy tale elements. * comparisons to similar stories. * type of society the story might have originated from. * Symbolic meaning in the fairy tale. As this is a literary analysis, note that analyses are normally written in the present tense, and that the style of your language should be neutral. The Cinder Maid ONCE upon a time, though it was not in my time or in your time, or in anybody else's time, there was a great king who had an only son, the prince and heir, who was about to come of age. So the king sent round a herald who should blow his trumpet at every four corners where two roads met. And when the people came together, he would call out, "Oye! Oye! Oye! Know ye that his grace the king will give on Monday se’nnight a royal ball to which all maidens of noble birth are hereby summoned and be it furthermore known unto you that at this ball his highness the prince will select unto himself a lady who shall be his bride and our future queen. God save the king." Now there was among the nobles of the king's court one who had married twice, and by the first marriage he had but one daughter, and as she was growing up, her father thought that she ought to have someone to look after her. So he married again, a lady with two daughters, and his new wife, instead of caring for his daughter, thought only of her own and favoured them in every way. She would give them beautiful dresses but none to her stepdaughter, who had only the cast-off clothes of the other two to wear. The nobleman's daughter was set to do all the drudgery of the house, to
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