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Although she only ruled for three years, Anne Boleyn is perhaps one of the most famous queens in English history. The daughter of an ambitious knight and the niece of the duke of Norfolk, Anne was the most influential woman in the reformation period. Anne's exact birth date is unknown, although most historians believe the year to be either 1501 or 1502. She was born a "great lady", her father was Sir Thomas Boleyn, a minor courtier, and her mother was Elizabeth Howard, daughter of the second duke of Norfolk. Anne had two known siblings that survived, Mary and George, she is thought to have had two others who died young. Their birth dates and birth order are unknown but it is known that all three Boleyn Siblings were close in age. In 1514, when Henry VIII married his youngest sister to the king of France, Anne accompanied the princess to France as a lady-in-waiting. There, Anne was educated, and in early 1522 she finally returned home. It is unknown when Anne first caught the eye of the king, but her sister Mary had been his mistress a few years before. But Mary left court with only a dull marriage and the King's illegitimate son, which gave Anne much to learn from. Anne's first years at court were spent in service to Henry's first wife Catharine of Aragon, daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand,…show more content…
Since Catherine had been married to his brother Arthur for six months. But Catherine's nephew, Charles V was the Holy Roman Emperor and had no intentions of allowing his aunt to be disgraced, and after the "sack of Rome" Charles controlled the pope. The king was denied his request, and when the Queen found out about his plans, she turned to friends at court and the Spanish ambassador for help. Catherine was a loved and respected queen, and the king soon began to lose support for his
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