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This book is about the lives of the Mirabal Sisters,heroines of the Dominican Republic. They opposed the tyranny of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo who was president from 1930 until 1952. The sisters were born in the Dominican Republic in a province call Salcedo at city Ojo de Agua. Their parents were economically affluent. But once Trujillo became President they lost most of their fortune. Patria Mercedes Mirabal (Feb.27.1924-Nov.25.1960) was the eldest sister. Patria was very catholic and when she was young she wanted to become a nun one day. but she never did. At the age of sixteenth she marry a young man named Pedro Gonzalez, Patria was the last sister to join the revolution against the regimen. Belgica Adela “Dede” Mirabal (March.1.1925-present) is the second sister she was never actively involve in the movement. She always had a interest in helping her father in the family business.Dede is the only surviving sister. After her sisters’ assassination she raised her sisters children and works on keeping her sisters’ legacy alive at the Museo Hermanas Mirabal. She currently lives at Salcedo province at the house where they where raised. Maria Argentina Minerva Mirabal (March.12.1926- Nov.25.1960)was the third sister she was very outspoken.Minerva always dreamed of becoming a lawyer. And she wanted to end Trujillo’s dictatorship. She refused Trujillo’s romantic propositions and as a result she was decline the necessary licenses to work as a lawyer. Minerva was the first to get Involved in a movement against the regimen call the‘‘fourth-teen of July’’. Antonia Maria Teresa Mirabal(Oct.15.1936-Nov.25.1960) was the youngest sister. she was the second one to join the movement, Maria Teresa married a young man named Leandro Guzman. Maria Teresa along with their sisters were in prison many times,where

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