The Caves in Our World

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“The Caves in Our World” In the story, “The Allegory of the Cave,” there are prisoners chained in a cave who have never seen the outside world, but only distorted views of people and the objects they carry along the wall behind the prisoners. In one sense, the cave could be seen as the darkness that people live in when they do not know Jesus. They live in a dark world, where the fire is Satan, who lies and distorts peoples’ views of things by casting the shadows on the wall. People who do not know Jesus are tempted and lied to by Satan. He makes it near impossible for those people to see the truth spoken by the Bible. All they know is what he wants them to know, which are the shadows the prisoners see cast on the wall. The “prisoners” do not even know that there is a better world outside for them. They either believe that their “cave” is the best place to live, or the only place to live. These prisoners can break free though, by seeing the light, or God. After seeing the brilliantly shocking sunlight, the escaped prisoner will try to convince his old friends, the still chained prisoners, that there is an even better place to live in. These still chained prisoners might not believe the enlightened prisoner at that moment, but it is never impossible for someone to become enlightened by God. The allegory could also be taken in a completely different sense too. The cave could resemble a room in a house that has a television. The television itself is the fire that casts shadows, or pictures, that lie to the prisoners, who are everyday, ordinary people that own a television. Everything on TV, especially the news, impacts the people who watch it. The news influences us and we accept as truth what the newscaster says, because we do not thoroughly understand the situation ourselves. Young children are also influenced by the programs they watch, especially if they

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