Is Tv Violence Harmful to Children?

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There are television sets in nearly every household in America. Therefore most children grow up watching television. The problem is that television programs are becoming increasingly violent. Regularly watched, these programs can cause harmful effects on children. Children, being easily influenced, will imitate the television characters. Television shows can also create a fear of the world in children. Finally, children eventually accept violence as the answer to problems. Television has a strong influence on children and must be controlled. Violence depicted on television is harmful to children. Television programs have very likable protagonists. Unfortunately, those protagonists are usually solving problems with violence. Children are easily influenced, and watching television regularly will cause them to look up to the protagonist as role models. What was once “Barney” as their hero is now “Ben 10,” an adolescent boy with alien powers and using them to fight “bad guys.” Instead of “sharing is caring” as children’s motto, it is now “justice will prevail.” This will cause social problems with children. If at any time a child with these views sees someone as a “villain” the child will instantly antagonize the individual. This can result in name calling, or in some cases, violent physical contact, exactly what the protagonist does. If the protagonists of cartoons shows continue to exhibit violent behavior, so will the children. Cartoons can cause a fear of the world in children. With cartoons becoming more violent, children are more likely to view the world as such. For example, my five year old cousin watches “Adventure Time” on television every day. This is a cartoon aired on Cartoon Network, a television station known for airing child friendly programming. However, since the cartoons aired on Cartoon Network have become “darker” and more violent,
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