The Cake Princess

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014 Responding – “The Cake Princess” by Mar’ce Merrell 1. “When you follow all the rules, you’re better able to control the direction your life takes.” I don’t necessarily agree with this statement because if you follow all the rules, you’re used to being told what to do. Meaning they’re controlling your life. Meaning you can’t do anything by yourself. What if in the future, you were alone? No one told you what to do. What would you do then? But rules also give you limits. So just in case you decide to do something, the rules can remind you of your limits. 2. You’d probably think that Chantal is a funny character. The author used dialogue to show that she is funny. For example, she used a British accent while filming her video. 3. Chantal has a passion for baking. She decides to bake a cake for a party, so she can be known as the Cake Princess. Chantal’s mother thinks if you do all the right things, nothing bad will happen. In words, she tried to starve herself from foods she loved such as cake. As said, in the beginning, Chantal’s point of view explains how her mom really hates cake, stating that it was nothing but fat and sugar. 4. I think that Chantal’s mom thinks that teenagers are lazy and energetic. She has certain rules that apply to these traits. For example, lay your clothes out the night before, make your bed as soon as you get out of it, TV-watching rots your brain, only loose girls go to parties. Near the end, the mom seemed less strict of Chantal. 5. The last sentence is a satisfying conclusion because it relates to the title. It is the title. And in the beginning of the story, it mentioned Chantal’s love for baking. She wanted to bake a cake for a party so she can be known as the Cake Princess. 6. The conflict made me understand and respond to the story because I can somehow relate to Chantal. The conflict

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