How to Make a Dirt Cake

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How to Make a Dirt Cake There are certain ingredients and steps needed to make a dirt cake. Although there are many different recipes that people use, this recipe by far taste the best. Dirt cake is a very unique recipe and a great conversation piece at a party. It is often mistaken for just being a center piece or decoration for the table. Dirt cake is a very fun recipe to make, and it is great for just about any occasion. First, you need to make sure you have the correct ingredients to make a dirt cake. You will need one-half cup butter(softened), one(eight ounce) package of philadelphia cream cheese(softened), one-half cup powdered sugar, two(3.5 ounce) packages of instant vanilla pudding mix, three and one-half cups of milk, one(twelve ounce) container of cool whip, and a thirty-two ounce package of oreos. You need to leave the philadelphia cream cheese and the cool whip (if it is frozen) sitting on the counter to allow them to soften. After you have all your ingredients together, you need to get out you cooking supplies. The things you will need are a food processor, two medium size mixing bowls, a large plastic spoon or a spatula, a new, clean plastic flower pot, a fake flower(you should choose the flower that you like the most), and an electric mixer. You can also purchase a new garden trowel and gummy worms to enhance the dirt cake, but these are optional. Once you have all of the ingredients you need and all the utensils you need, you can get started on making the dirt cake. Next, after you have all of your ingredients and cooking supplies, you need to get your food processor and place oreo cookies in the food processor to finely crush them. Dump the crushed cookies in one of your medium sized mixing bowls and continue to crush the oreo cookies until all the oreo cookies are finely crushed. Now, in the other medium size mixing bowl place the one-half

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