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BRIAR ROSE-JANE YOLEN Yolen has created an ingenious story of great significance in Briar Rose. Aside from the novel itself being a fictional text, the book stresses the intrinsic importance of fairy tales to the responder. The resilience and power of these tales are emphasised as is the significance of true stories form the past. It is through the examination of the allegorical story told by Gemma and the characterisation used by Yolen that the concept of the hero and heroine is explored. Yolen has enabled her readers to understand the value of the past for the present and to witness both the true horrors as well as the acts of courage in her novel Briar Rose. A fairy tale may seem a work of fiction, but it can contain truths of horrific events. This can be seen in the way that Yolen uses the character…show more content…
The insertion of Gemma’s version of Briar Rose throughout “home” emphasise that this story was of great significance to her life. The dialogue in which Gemma tells the story is constantly interrupted as the girls attempt to help her tell the tale. “Which is all times”. This reveals their familiarity with the story, and their love if it. It has bonded them, as Becca proves when she kisses Gemma as the Prince kissed the princess in the tale. The importance of this story is obvious form the way they defend it from outsiders “that’s how it goes in this house”. The fact that Becca dresses up as a princess for Halloween conveys that it has helped shape her character. She later travels to Poland to find “the maker of the spells”, revealing how the story has developed her relationship with Gemma and now become part of her own life “I’m going to solve it, the riddle, the mystery and the enigma”. Through the constant retelling of the story, and the understanding of its importance to not only Gemma but also to Becca, the audience realises the value of all tales, whether containing truth or not, in our

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