Questioning the Media – (Hum 186)

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QUESTIONING THE MEDIA – (HUM 186) 1. What is your earliest recollection of watching a television commercial? Do you think the ad had a significant influence on you? My earliest recollection of watching a television commercial was the regarding the Easy Bake Oven. I would get so excited when the commercial would air because it allowed me to be independent and bake my own cake. I think the ad had a significant influence on me because it was something I viewed to be the cool thing to have. So once I owned it as a child I was able to share the item with my friends. 2. Why are so many people critical of advertising? People are critical of advertising because it is so influential. An ad can affect a person or people in either a positive or negative way. Majority of the time advertising can drive the emotion of the viewer. 3. If you were (or are) a parent, what strategies would you use to explain an objectionable ad to your child or teenager? Use an example. I would first identify the advertisement; explain to them the different types of ads they are exposed to. Objectionable ads can be viewed anywhere TV, magazine, newspaper and billboard. I would then explain that the company is paying to advertise the product. Additionally ads are opinions and not facts, which cause to misleading. If possible I would even challenge the child to analyze the ad itself. 4. Should advertising aimed at children be regulated? Support your response. I believe advertising aimed at children should be regulated because this would protect our children from advertisers who are not being truthful, which can discredit form the honest advertisers. If the shows the children are watching are regulated and are graded by a rate scale so should the commercial that is playing during the program. 5. Should tobacco or alcohol advertising be prohibited? Why (not)?

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