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The Bronx Tale Essay

  • Submitted by: umar1983
  • on December 3, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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The Bronx Tale is a movie which tells us about American culture and society in 1960’s. In the movie we learn that there were a lot of differential discrepancies between races. During that time it was taboo for white Italian to have any kind of relationship with black people. This tells us that there were racism between blacks and whites. The movie opens with a murder of a man by a local mafia boss SUNNY. The young boy who in known as Calogero who witness everything while he was sitting in front of his house. When his father hears the gun shot he took his son upstairs. While he was asking his son if he is ok Police knock on their door and ask Calogero to identify the criminal. Although he knew that Sunny did it, but he refuse to tell the police. After questioning, Clogero said to his father “I did a good thing right” His father reply to him by saying you did a good thing for a bad person. He asked his father what he means by that and he said you will understand when you grow up.
  After that incident Sunny started to show respect to his dad and he offered him a job. Mr. Lorenzo Anello (Calogero father) refuses the offer and he said he is better of driving a city bus. He avoids giving into any of their deviant behavior.
    Next day when Calogero was fixing his bike one of the mafia men introduced him to Sunny. When he sow Sunny, he wasn’t afraid or scare he asked Sunny why he killed that man over the parking space. Sunny reply you will understand when you grow up. Calogero start working in the bar after school and Sunny took care of him like his son. One day Mr. Lorenzo found money behind his bed and asked him where he got all the money from he said he earned it by working in the bar his father didn’t like that and return that money back to Sunny and told him to stay away from his son. After that huge argument Mr. Lorenzo tells his son that he work hard to make this money unlike Sunny who is a big shot and people scare from him.
Calogero has grown up and his...

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