Parrot In The Oven Character Analysis

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A father is supposed to be the pillars of the household; he’s supposed to represent the backbone of the family. Unfortunately for Mr. Hernandez who is fond of neglecting his responsibilities as a father has yet to mature and attain to the consequences of being all the contrary of what a real father should be. In the “Parrot in the Oven” a novel written by Victor Martinez, Mr. Hernandez is a Mexican father of three children married to a hardworking women looking for what’s best for her children while living in the projects, the lower economic side of town. His undesirable qualities are being too prideful, extremely selfishness, and irresponsible. He has become an alcoholic and doesn’t seem to realize how much he has affected his fatherly figure by destroying the portrait he once carried. Manny, Mr. Hernandez’s son recalled “He would walk into the living room, and all the pictures, tiny statues and glass animals mom collected would sparkle from the light rushing in through the door” (54).Now on the contrary he said nothing would sparkle and his father came into the house with no money or food. As a victim of alcohol Mr. Hernandez will not…show more content…
Hernandez’s selfishness strongly impacted his entire family. Once when manny was at school picking up his transcripts he noticed his old teacher Mr. Hart who gives him $20 for school supplies and a ride back home to the projects. Coming home he finds his father pruning shrubs in the front yard. The view of Manny arriving with Mr. Hart fills him with rage because he strongly dislikes do-gooders like Mr. Hart, making him feel like a failure as a father. His believes towards his son are different. He feels manny should give up school altogether, get a job as a dishwasher, and work his way up. Once Mr. Hart leaves, Mr. Hernandez scours through Manny's pockets until he finds the $20, which He decides to spend on a two day drinking binge over at Rico’s pool hall, instead of feeding his family like a considerate father would

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