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Cathy Friesz Mrs. Schaefbauer English III March 22, 2018 Inside The Bell Jar In the novel The Bell Jar, Esther Greenwood goes to college in New York and works for a magazine company. The author of the novel based this story on how she actually feels and to show her true emotions. The title of the story is how she explains in the story that she’s trapped in her emotions and she feels like there’s no way out. The main characters play a huge role with keeping her happy and doing their best to be there for her. This story explains what it’s like to be a depressed teenager, but try’s to act okay because that’s how society wants to see her. Mental illness is a huge part of some people’s lives, and should never be overlooked. Sylvia…show more content…
He was viewed, in her eyes, a pure and holy man who would always be there for her, until she really got to know him. As they developed a closer relationship, Esther started to notice all his flaws and imperfections. Their relationship ended because of the things he told Esther about that happened that last summer. “Buddy kissed me again in front of the house stepst, and the next fall, when his scholarship to medical school came through, I went there to see him instead of to Yale and it was there I found out that he had fooled me all those years and what a hypocrite he was” (Plath 45). When their relationship ended, Esther’s happiness also started to deteriorate throughout the years to come. The theme of the novel The Bell Jar is mind vs. body. It shows how Esther struggles with her mental illness and how she reacts with it. She wants to die so she attempts suicide, but she aspires to survive. She is very aware of her mental illness, but society makes it harder to cope with it. People like to be around happy and outgoing people, whereas if they’re down and gloomy, not so much. Unfortunately, Esther’s mind in real life has won the battle over her body, and she does end up committing suicide and

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