Proverbial Fire In Edna Pontellier's The Awakening

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There are plenty of sparks that contribute to the proverbial fire that is the contoversies within the novel. In The Awakening, Edna Pontellier is confronted with a myriad of feelings which overcome her and lead to her eventual death. Throughout the story she finds her true thoughts on being a mother, sex and independence. Edna also learns of her own identity and self expression, which is on of the key underlying purposes of the novel. From the beginning of the story we learn about Edna through her actions. She is not a "mother-woman" and this does not care to become one. This is observed when one of her sons falls and she just watches as he dusts himself off and wipes the tears froms his eyes. She knows that most women would have the…show more content…
The strenghtened urge for sexual interaction further distances herself from her family and friends. When Robert decides to leave Grand Isle for Mexico, Edna feels left alone. She realizes her need for someone yet still wants to be independent. She finds relief in Alcee who temporarly replaces Robert. With having multiple lovers outside her marriage, Leonce leaves Edna, which only adds to the solitude she initially wanted. Edna's disaccociation by her friends and family is brought on by her amount of expression and the rate at which she gains the knowledge of her independence. Due to her near complete severence she feels both alone and unfulfilled. This feeling fuels her to attempt suicide, which she is successful when she drwons herself. This is a interpretation of the feelings that society had during those times about sexual expression and adultery and also suide. Today this kind of expression is not taken as hard as it once was but aldultery is still an issue that people tend to distance themselves from. Suicide, both then and now, is a controversial subject and would cause shock to the public of that time. Currently suicide is a major issue for people and but is more common than it once
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