Lady o Shallot

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The Lady of Shallot by Alfred Lord Tennyson is a poem about a lady who is seemed as almost a god to the average person. The title is significant in that the story is about the Lady of Shallot and the people’s views versus her view of herself. Everyone thinks she is perfect and basically a goddess while she feels as if she is trapped and wants to escape. She is a good-hearted person but is locked away and wants to escape. Lancelot comes to save her and she gives him her heart, which broke her image as a person. She was not herself and because of it she died. The Lady of Shallot stepped out of who she was and because of it she no longer respected herself. The mirror described represented her image of herself and it was shattered when Lancelot entered her life. The description of the people’s perspective goes from visual to auditory for the reader to see it from a different view, to see what the other people saw and hear what the other people heard. Also, the opinion shifts from the outside to the inside from parts one and two to parts three and four. The townspeople see her as royalty but her own opinion of herself is much different, with her seeing herself as lonely and unloved. Another way the poem could be seen is man’s judgment toward women. When Lancelot is going to see the Lady of Shallot, she knows she is stepping into dangerous waters, but still goes along with it. Her image of herself turns so bad, that the basically kills herself and unhappy and lonely woman. After she is dead, Lancelot sees her and only says that “She has a lovely face,” demonstrating that he only cared about her looks and not really her inner beauty. The Lady of Shallot is a round character because she changes throughout the short story. At the beginning, she believes in herself and who she is as a person, but she is lonely. When Lancelot tries to come into her life, she does not
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