Miss Bingley Pride and Prejudice

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Miss Bingley Miss Bingley is a foolish and scheming character. She is shown in such a light that she is the complete opposite to that of Elizabeth Bennett; she is desperate for Darcy’s attention. "'Eliza Bennett,' said Miss Bingley, when the door was closed on her, 'is one of those young ladies who seek to recommend themselves to the other sex, by undervaluing their own...but, in my opinion, it is a paltry device, a very mean art.'" Miss Bingley immediately shows the reader her distaste to Elizabeth by trying to show Darcy what she believes is Elizabeth’s scheming character when in fact it is her that is the one trying to fool Darcy and the reader into thinking lowly of Elizabeth. Miss Bingley uses lots of pauses in her sentence possibly to show the reader that she may be pausing to see the effect her words may have on who she is speaking to. Miss Bingley uses hyperbole (‘a paltry device, a very mean art.’ To show the reader that she would want these words to be emphasized and picked up on. She finished her sentence with 3 very short sharp words used for effect on the reader to distinguish that she believes that Elizabeth is playing a game. She is saying things she is not quite sure herself of (that she is using a ‘device’ or an ‘art’ to win Darcy’s affections) she is trying to sway the reader to her view point by using inconsequential information. Miss Bingley is jealous of Elizabeth, she feels threatened by her and fears that she will loose Darcy and his affections will focus more onto Elizabeth. "When dinner was over, she (Elizabeth) returned directly to Jane, and Miss Bingley began abusing her as soon as she was out of the room. Her manners were pronounced to be very bad indeed, a mixture of pride and impertinence; she had no conversation, no stile, no taste, no beauty." Again in this sentence Miss Bingley uses short pauses in what she is saying, she pauses
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