The Appeal of Tattoos Among Teenagers Essay

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The Appeal of Tattoos Among Teenagers Why do tattoos hold such a high appeal among teenagers? Parents and psychologists alike may have asked themselves a similar question as the popularity and acceptance of tattoos among teenagers have been on a significant rise over the past decade or so. A. Martin is one psychologist who has definitely pondered this question himself, which is evident in his article, “On Teenagers and Tattoos,” where Martin attempts to delve into the source behind this recent trend of tattooing among the youth. In my opinion, the major appeal of tattoos among teenagers is that tattoos offer teenagers a unique way to express their individuality. In the article, “On Teenagers and Tattoos,” Martin analyzes the psychological motivations behind the reason why teenagers decide to get tattooed. In a pursuit to become uniquely singled-out, tattoos give teenagers the means to gain their independence on their own terms. Adolescents find that tattoos offer them a semblance of control and say over their rapidly changing bodies. Tattooed representations of meaningful symbols, imagery and names lend to the expression of a teenager’s style, tastes and cherished memories. Teenagers, mostly youths affiliated with gangs, may use tattoos to bear allegiance to an exclusive group. Teenagers who have dealt with traumatic issues, such as abandonment, divorce or constant moves, may find that tattoos offer a sense of stability and permanence in their otherwise hectic lives. All in all, I believe Martin’s true intention for writing “On Teenager and Tattoos” was to alter his peers’ perception of tattooed youths and this is most apparent in Martin’s (2012) concluding statements: ‘Adolescents’ bodily decorations, at time radical and dramatic in their presentation, can be seen in terms of figuration rather than disfigurement, of the natural body being through them

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