The Ananos Shortage In Latin America

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Some people are born into money and others are born to fend for themselves. But all people have the opportunity to rise up from wherever they are at in their life. An example of that would be the Ananos’ of Latin America. The Ananos’ were making their living on a small farming region of Peru. The region was terrorized by a Maoist group who committed abuses like disrupting transportation in the region. This created shortages of countless goods like carbonated drinks. The Ananos, saw the carbonated drink shortage as an opportunity and created their own soda, Kola Real, which they produced at home. The Ananos’ didn’t ask for help from the government, international agencies, or other organizations. Today the Ananos’ business is the largest manufacturer of nonalcoholic beverages in Latin America with…show more content…
But it is in turn up to people to make personal choices to help eradicate or at least ease the rate of poverty. Everyday 870 million people go hungry while 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted or lost every year. This causes severe damage to the environment as unconsumed food is responsible for 1.3 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions. And economically, food that is wasted costs $750 billion every year which is equal to Switzerland’s GDP. Every day, people, especially in the developed countries, waste almost as much food as the entire food production of sub-Saharan Africa. “The implication of this massive food waste for food security and sustainability is huge. If we reduce food loss and waste, we have more food available without the need to produce more and putting less pressure on natural resources.” (DeCapua). Food waste by people doesn’t only cause economies billions of dollars but degrades natural resources and impacts climate change. If people made more conscious personal choices- even as little as eating their whole meal, they would help out others in the process but also in turn help out the
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