Can Agriculture Change the World

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Did you know that an estimate of 925 million people suffer from hunger every day? This staggering amount caused naturally, man made, and by political factors. Let us discus how agriculture helps world hunger. Taking into account the plant as a whole, there is enough farmland. Total land area (equal to about 1,500 million hectares) farmed under cultivation today could be doubled, although an important consideration is that much of this new land would be expensive to develop. What really counts is the use of land. In many hungry countries, it is not unusual to find the best land developed to growing cotton, coffee, tobacco, soybeans and other export commodities diverted to urban uses, while only the worst land is used to grow food to feed the people. It sometimes make economic sense to encourage the production of cash crops, but a balance needs to be found to ensure that food needs are met. Some sources estimate that 20 million people die each year from hunger-related causes. At least 435 million people are seriously undernourished in the world today. Other estimates, which use poverty as an indicator suggest that 800 million people are threatened by hunger, either temporarily or long term. Yes, there is something that we can do to change that. In the world today, we have many of brilliant people that care about those starving people that can find ways to try and help them learn new ways to grow crops. Almost three quarters of the undernourished are to be found among the poverty stricken multitudes of Asia and the Pacific. Africa has almost a high proportion of undernourished people (and in the drought areas over the past three years, a much higher one), but generally within smaller national populations. Statistics state that each year 15 million children die of hunger related causes. This means, everyday throughout the world, 40,000 children die. In conclusion,

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