The Pros And Cons Of Welfare Reform

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Welfare Reform: The Facts Since the Social Security Act of 1935, many people have become the worthless in our country. Even though the Act had good intentions to provide single mothers with children income for daily living expenses, the program has become widely misused or in many cases abused. The Federal Government ran the program for nearly sixty years before realizing there were many loopholes that needed fixed or adjusted. The recipients of this aid had no motivation to find work because there were no set limits or guidelines for how long you could receive these government benefits. Welfare, as we know it, has been abused and continues to be abused today. Receiving checks in the mail from the government, which viewed by many people as “other taxpayer’s money” does not promote work ethics or the desire to be self-sufficient. There…show more content…
Even after the signing of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act by Bill Clinton in 1996, which was designed to put people to work while supporting them as they tried to become self-sufficient. This did not go as congress and many others hoped it would. The Government Accountability Office [GAO] stated in 1997 alone, states received 4.7 billion dollars more than they would have without the reform (Pimpare). There was an overwhelming increase in Government spending which started the country down the wrong path for many generations to come! At the turn of the century, the Department of Health and Human Services stated almost fifty percent of the American population received the aid needed (Pimpare). Many people were kicked to the streets in cities large and small reaching overwhelming poverty rates all over the country. Welfare reform even today still has much more reforming and monitoring to be done if we ever hope to recover and improve our country’s debt in the years to

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