Food Wasting Essay

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Response Nowadays, wasting food is very common in people‘s life. In the book “American Wasteland”, the author, Jonathan Bloom, tells us that almost 25% of all food is being wasted by Americans and gives the reasons why people throw away food at home. More and more Americans live in households that struggle to get enough food to eat while others of us just waste food. Therefore, after reading the book I want to do my little part to help solve the situation, so I am planning to order less amount of food, stop tossing the rest of food in the trash, and share food with friends and families. We should care about our environment by ordering smaller amounts of food when in restaurants. Many people in the restaurants order too much food especially in buffets but when they finish their dinner, we can see there are still have some food left on the dishes. I was one of them who always wasted food when I was done with my meal. I didn’t realize that the food I tossed in the trash could impact our environment and lead to pollution concerns. In the book, Bloom said “it’s easier for today’s children to waste food because they are so removed from its origins.” The reason why we waste food easily is we don’t have the chance to plant, water, or nurse the plants by ourselves, so we don’t know how hard it is to plant and grow the food. After reading this book, I feel so sorry for what I did every day by wasting my food and I have decided to do something better such as ordering less amount of food and take any leftovers home and cook them with other ingredients to make them into new dish, instead of throwing them into the trash can. If we can continue doing this, food wastes can be decreased. Also, we should care about our environment by not tossing the food into the trash because wasting food can negatively impact our environment, which will reduce our natural resources. For

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