The American Revolution: The Most Important Period In The United States

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Name Instructor Course Date The American Revolution The American Revolution (1763-1783) is arguably the most important period in the history of the United States. During this period, the thirteen English North American mainland colonies were able to gain their independence from Britain, amid seemingly overwhelming odds. The American Revolution refers to a political turmoil that took place towards the end of the eighteenth century (Bailyn, 2). During this upheaval, thirteen British colonies in North America united to free themselves from the York of the British Empire. These colonies later joined themselves together to form the United States of America. The American Enlightenment is believed to have been the main factor that caused the American Revolution. The American Enlightenment was a sequence of social, political, and intellectual changes that took…show more content…
These included the issue of taxation without representation in the British parliament, searches and seizures without credible reasons, the taking away of Americans’ firearms, the taking away of their land, and many other problems. However, it was the American religion, particularly New England religion, which gave Americans the mental frame for comprehending their problems with England. Furthermore, It was religion which informed the Americans that the British government was not only instituting foolish policies, but also trampling the rights of Americans which were accorded to them by God. Americans believed the King and his parliament were engaging in what amounted to a war against God. It was religion which persuaded the Americans that they had a holy obligation to commence a rebellion. American clergymen wearing black robes were known as the “black regiment” for their vital role in gathering popular support for American War against England (Lancaster and Plumb

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