The American Revolution

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How America became a great nation from 1763 to 1815 In a broad sense America was a revolutionary force from the day of its discovery by Europeans. The American Revolution was the political disturbance during the last half of the 18th century in which the thirteen colonies in North America joined together to free from the British Empire, to become the United States of America. Mainly two ideas had taken root in the minds of the American by the mid of eighteenth century; one was what historians called it republicanism and the second idea that shaped American political thought was derived from a group of British political commentators was known as the radical Whigs. The war between the Europeans and American may have lasted for eight years,…show more content…
The War of Independence was a war within a war, as not all colonials were united. There were Patriots, who supported the rebellion and were now called Whigs. After the Declaration of Independence, Loyalists and Patriots were divided, and Patriots often seized the Loyalist’s property to resell it, it was an easy way to raise money. An inspiring fleet appeared off the coast in July 1776, consisting of some 500 ships and 35,000 men, which was the largest armed force seen in America ever until the Civil War. In one of the ship General Washington was there. Washington escaped to Manhattan Island, crossed the Hudson River to New Jersey, reaching the Delaware River with taunting, fox-hunt calling Brits on his heels. The Continental Congress sent delegates to France. The delegates were guided by a Model Treaty which sought no political or military connections, but only commercial ones. The colonial war becomes a wider war. The American Revolution was more of an accelerated evolution than a revolution. The continental congress of 1776 called colonies to draft new constitutions. Massachusetts contributed one new thing when it called a special convention to draft its constitution and made it so that the constitution could only be changed through another specially called constitutional convention. Many states had bill of rights and also required to have annual election of legislators. While the U.S. had to create a new government system, the people were far from the united. The new states chose a confederation as their first government, which was a loose union of state where the federal level and state level exist. The Articles of the Confederation was finished in 1777, and was finally completed by the last state, Maryland, on March 1, 1781. The articles of the confederation were America’s first constitution. But unfortunately the articles set up a very weak government. The articles had no
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