The Amazingly Suspicious Zoo

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Terrance Holley Mrs. Bailey English 1 18 February 2013 The Amazingly Suspicious Zoo Has the question ever been asked how much do zoo animals get paid? They probably do not make one red cent. It is a shame because they do a good job of keeping visitors entertained. The entire zoo experience is very amazing and at times suspicious. The interaction between the kids, the animals, and the landscaping makes coming to the zoo very exciting. The kids are captivated by their surroundings from the moment they walk through those God awful smelly gates. The smell of wildlife greets people upon their arrival. The zoo is so large that the children are overwhelmed with excitement. All of the excitement creates chaos among the children. As the kids jump around so happily through the zoo they get hot and hungry. Some kids tend to run off throughout the zoo and get lost. Many stay behind with their groups and enjoy mingling with the animals. Whatever the pleasure, the children enjoy spending time with family and the animals. The interactions with the animals feel so real. When people walk through the exhibits; they can taste the smell of poop in their mouth. There is something awfully suspicious about the way the animals look in their cages. They look so calm and friendly with their graceful motions. People can not help but be curious as to what their thinking. Are the animals bored or do they want to eat people? It’s hard to gauge the state of mind of the animals. The animals have been removed from their natural habitat; however, the zoo does an excellent job recreating a false environment with the landscaping. The architecture of the landscaping is amazing both inside and outside the facilities. It puts kids face to face with the animals while still keeping them safe. As the children walk through the exhibits they feel like the animals are going to touch them; that
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