Television Influence on People’s Behavior Essay

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Television Influence on People’s Behavior People’s lives are influenced by the media more than they realize. Television has become an essential and common place device in everyone’s home. It acts like a window to the outside world without requiring one to leave the comfort of the home. People are exposed to endless amounts of information, whether it is the latest news, the newest phenomenon in education, or the hottest entertainment programs. Television has changed the way people conduct themselves, and will continue doing so as long as an individual allows the media to manipulate them. Watching television influences a viewer’s behavior, developing childhood and adult obesity, and inciting irresponsible sexual behavior. Television presents an unrealistic and most time false view of the world and has the most effect on younger minds. Not only does television alter the way an individual views his or her self but also their perceptions of others. For example, the artists shown on television are perfect in every aspect: the perfect slim body, the best money-making job, and lastly the most spectacular boyfriend or girlfriend. These illusions create a poor body image and rock-bottom self-esteem issues when the person in real life does not exhibit these features. People alter the way they dress, speak, and conduct themselves with the sole purpose of looking and acting like their favorite actors or actresses. For young people this affects them deeply. Many fall into depression because they do not look like the stereotypical models they see again and again on television, and they feel hideous and malformed because they do not fit into society’s supposedly ideal image. Not only does television affect the way people think, but he time wasted watching television negatively effect on people’s physical health due to the lack of activity. Individuals, especially children,

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